Hi I'm Dinkle I'm the Cutest girlthing in Purgatory! Nice to Meet you I hope we can be Friends! I am 13 and Wasian. My pronouns Are whatever you Think they'd Be, take A Guess! I'm a Nonbinary Lesbian and i'm Girlflux. i Identify with a lot of Other labels Too. I Have a Lot of interests And some of them are Deltarune DDLC Madoka Magica undertale Hololive Vocaloid utau And just voice synths in General. I also Looove yume Nikki yume 2kki and Old internet Otaku culture. Forgive me For The weird Capitalization it Makes me feel cool. My DNI includes shota&lolicons, Enstarries (sorry), And bi Pan lesbians. Love you guys Let's be Friends!
"Om, nom, Okayu!" A cat being raised by an old woman that runs an onigiri store. She streams from the computer in her grandma's room.